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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tipping Guidelines for Events

As wedding season is upon us and I've been getting questions from clients about tipping, I thought I would re-post this handy little guild.

All tipping is optional.  Most event professionals include a service or gratuity charge in their bill.  As tipping is always an extra consideration to express gratitude for exceptional service, the following list reflects a general industry standard.

Who receives the tip?

How much?

Who pays the tip?

Officiant (Minister, Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, etc.)

Minimum of $10 - $100, maximum depends on size of wedding and relationship to official.

The groom gives the tip in a marked envelope to the best man to pass to the official after the ceremony or Consultant.

Officiant (Non-Clergy, Marriage Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, etc.)

$10 and up.  Some may not accept money due to conduct restrictions.

Same as clergy members.

Altar boys, sextons, cantors, church organists

If not covered by the church, $5 to $25 is appropriate.

Ceremony Host/Hostess or Consultant when bill is paid.

Florist, Baker, Photographer

Not customary – exceptions if extraordinary services were extended (10 – 15% if tip is given for extraordinary service).

Reception Host or Consultant

Ceremony Musicians

15% of services or $25.00 flat per musician.

Best man pays as services end.  Best man or consultant.

Limousine Service

Usually included in quote, otherwise 15 – 20%.

Reception Host or Consultant

Delivery Truck Driver (including floral deliveries)

$5 - $25 per person

Consultant or staff member present may deliver tip for client at delivery if driver performs extra service.

Coat Room Attendants or Powder Room Attendant

$0.50 per person or a pre-negotiated flat fee

If it’s not part of your facility bill, it’s paid after reception.

Caterer, banquet manager, waiters, waitresses, table captains, maitre d’hotel.

15% (which will generally be split amongst them) if not included in bill.

If included in bill, pay with entire charge, if not, pay after reception.


15% - 20% of the liquor bill, if not included in bill.

Pay with bill or after reception.

DJ/Reception Musicians

$20 - $25 per musician, 5% - 15% for DJ

Best man or Consultant hold tip until after performance.

Hair & Makeup, Manicurist, Masseuse

10 – 15% of total bill

You may pay yourself, or give the funds to coordinator to pay.

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